B.Y.O.G. – Bring your own Graphics Card

Razer is changing the way we look at the gaming laptop. In the past if you wanted a laptop powerful enough to play your favorite PC games it either was too clunky, or not worth the price tag.

And then they ask, “Why don’t you just build a tower PC?” But then you don’t have the portability of a laptop. This Razer duo combines the best of both worlds. A slim ultrabook with the option to make it a powerful gaming laptop.

The external GPU encasement, which they call the Razer Core, is connected to the ultrabook via Thunderbolt 3 connection and can hold a number of supported AMD or Nvidia graphics cards.

The Core Starts at $499.99. The Razer Blade Stealth touchscreen ultrabook comes in 4k and Quad HD resolutions and starts at $999.99. They offer $100 discount if bought together.

Big props, Razer. #pcmasterrace.


P.S. Razers teaser video is badass.

Source: Razer

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